Terms & Condition

1.I am at least 18 years of age according to company’s agreement.
2 .Booking  Amount  is non-refundable and to be adjustable on purchase .
3. service tax will be paid by associate as required himself.
4. that is your liability to carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions in this Associate/distributor Participation .
5.that is your sole responsibility to visit company’s website to see and understand the resent  change/developments / updation  etc .
6.That the company is charging for products/services and nothing is charged for the business/self employment Opportunity.
7.That the earning of incentive/income by Business Associates/distributors not committed by Radheyshyam gold India.
Its dependent on there hard work, achieving of sale target ,skills knowledge  and overall growth of the organization which is one way any
allurement of contracted.
8. That you will responsible to regularly check the web site of organization for any gradations/amendments Will neither undertake to send any direct letter or correspondence nor use any other medium other than specified above.
9.That in case of growth(personal&sponsor) incentive/income.Radheyshyam Gold india will issue purchase coupan as per business Associates /distributors equivalent to the amount of growth incentive/ income after deduction of TDS as per income TAX & other charges Including administrative ,charges postage stationary charges etc

10.That the business associates /distributers shall accept the payment in cash arising out of transactions of products/services of Radheyshyam Gold India all payment shall be acceptable through Cheque/DD/Bankers cheque in favour of Radheyshyam Gold India with Proper receipt. In any other case Radheyshyam Gold  India shall not be responsible for any financial  transaction  without any proper Receipt/acknowledgment.

11.That you shall display the logo of Radheyshyam Gold  India only as designed by the company for promotion of business of the Radheyshyam Gold India .However, the business associates /distributors shall not use the trade mark, patent any other intellectual property Rights of the company for any purpose other than for promotion of the business of the company
12.The Radheyshyam Gold India shall not be responsible for any damages or deficiency in service or service rendered by the business Associates /distributors.
13.That in the event of the death of Business/Associates of Radheyshyam Gold India the rights and responsibilities of the Business Associates/Distributors will be transferred to his/her/its legal heirs as per Indian law.

14.That all the associates/distributors hereby agree that the company is entitled to ask for personal information, login id and password at any stage for Official use or business promotion.

15.That is the duty of the Associate/Distributor to provide correct information and follow all the rules of the organization Also is the duty  of the purchasing Associates to verify all the information given to him by visiting our website ( company will not be responsible for any wrong Information, given by Selling Associates/Distributor which is accepted by the purchasing Associate without or knowledge.

16.That the Business Associates/Distributors must explain /demonstrate our products/services very clearly as per Terms and conditions and Rules & regulation of Radheyshyam Gold India company will not be responsible for any legal problem arises due to misrepresentation or Wrong commitments by Business Associates/Distributors

17.Radheyshyam Gold India is giving Member Growth income from its own side, customer is not heaving any legal right on it to claim

18.That the Associates/Distributor shall indemnify the company of any liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense including Fees suffered or incurred by it due to and out of or in connection with the act and conduct of the Associates/Distributor in violation of terms and condition Of the organization

19.All products and information displayed on constitute an Invitation to offer. Your order for purchase  constitutes Your offer which shall be subject to the terms  and conditions as stated. We reserve the right to accept or reject your offer in part or in full Our acceptance of your order will place upon dispatch of the product (s) ordered, dispatch of all the product(s)ordered, may or may not happen At the same time, in such a scenario that portion of the order which has been dispatched will be deemed to have been No act or omission of Radheyshyam Gold India prior to the actual dispatch of the product (S) will constitute acceptance of your offer. We have made every effort of display As accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on the website However, a the actual colours you see will depend on your Monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor s display of any colour will accurately reflect the colour of the product on delivery.

20.Any Associate/Distributor having no PAN Card will be liable for 20%ofTDS deduction